03 March 2016

Mr. Note & Why You Should Do More Cute Things

An hour and a half ago, I sat down at my computer, opened up my blogger account, sighed and closed out of it.

Nothing to write about this week, I thought, not unless I want to do a soap box rant. Which, trust me, I have a couple of those stored up for just such an occasion, but I'm not in the mood to talk about Why Men Should Learn More About Body Language or Why Am I the Only Single Person in This Bar? today.

I was going to give it til the weekend and then decide whether or not I should just skip a week (gasp!), which I would rather not do because half the point of writing this blog is getting me in the habit of writing regularly, and meeting a self-imposed deadline.

But lo and behold, material presented itself in the strangest of places: the basement laundry room. I woke up with the nagging thought that I have simply got to clean and iron my work shirts today, or it won't get done for another week. I trekked down the back stairs of my apartment, outdoors, to get to the laundry room across the courtyard. But just as I reached the door, a man walked out. Damn, I thought, assuming he would be commandeering both washers. "Are they both in use?" I asked.

"Nope, one's free."

"Oh good."

I know. Thrilling conversation. I ran into him a second time when I went down to transfer my things to one of the dryers and start a second load. "Hi again," I smiled before leaving.

I just went back downstairs to find this taped to my dryer:

"You are beautiful (my name is _____ btw)"

How sweet is that?

Just to put this in context for you, this is laundry day. I am running around in a hockey jersey, a pair of sweatpants with a hole in them, snow boots, and my hair twisted up all crazy. No makeup, probably need a shower in the near future if I don't decide to go to the gym today, and not exactly looking to get my flirt on. So this compliment made me feel like absolutely a million bucks.

And did not go unrewarded.

"Thanks for making my day. -Rachel xxx-xxx-xxxx"

Yes, that's my number blurred out at the bottom there. The only question left is whether Mr. Note will choose to use it.

Moral of the story? DO CUTE THINGS! THEY WORK! The worst that could have happened to this guy was that I ignored him. And would that really have been so terrible? I love it when people take chances. And I love it even more when they speak their mind.

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