09 September 2013

Mr. Real Life and the Curse of the Far-Away-Girl

It was a dark and stormy night—No, really.  I was in Chicago and it was a legit downpour.—and I was descending the stairs of Chicago's Underground Lounge & Bar, a seedy, hole-in-the-ground dive-bar that is the perfect spot to go in Wrigleyville if you're trying to avoid the Valley of the Bros 1 that is Clark and Addison.

I was in town for a two nights only and there to see my friend's band play and I was busy scrolling through my Sparkology app on my phone.  Although admittedly, cell service in the underground bar is a little shoddy.

15 August 2013

Dating Mr. Online

Once Upon a Time there was a beautiful and kind young lady and a charming and nice young man.  The lady was a busy career woman and lived a very large city and sometimes it's just, y'know, hard to meet people.  The man was really a very nice guy.  He just hadn't met the right woman to appreciate his…erm…niceness.

Then one day, they both created online dating profiles, met up, got married, and lived happily ever after.

I can't help it.  The story just doesn't have the right ring to it.

14 July 2013

Ruling Out Mr. Wrong

In my last post, I received a little bit of flack for my so-called "rules."  Nothing rude, but valid points, mostly from men, that I might be being a bit too selective.  Is it fair to rule someone out just because he called in less than 24 hours?  No maybe not, but let's talk about how that rule came into existence in the first place.

But let me start by recapping the couple of "rules" I mentioned to refresh your memories:

25 April 2013

I Am Not Qualified to Write This Blog

"So trust me when I say if a guy is treating you like he doesn't give a shit, he genuinely doesn't give a shit. No exceptions."
He's Just Not That Into You

That quote is possibly the most life-changing thing I've ever learned about every relationship I've ever had, but especially about my romantic relationships.  Once you've learned to accept this important piece of information, it's like you become some sort of relationship-guru.  You give the best advice.  You are able to avoid people who make you feel worthless.  Everyone admires your incredible sense of self-value.  It's great.  It's absolutely liberating.

…and yet you're still single.