29 March 2017

Speed Dating & the Virtues of Staying Home

All right, I'll come clean, I've been claiming to want to try speed dating for at least as long as I've been writing this blog, purely for "scientific research." It was the stone left unturned, the one thing I felt I hadn't tried and which, I felt sure, would make for a blog-worthy story.

Although none of that is technically a lie, the true-er truth is that I've pretty much wanted to try speed dating ever since that one scene in the movie Hitch. (For a highlight, skip to the 2:25 mark.)

As you've probably guessed, my ambition finally came to fruition. At long last the opportunity presented itself, and how could I resist? Essentially, the weekend prior to Valentine's Day, Navy Pier partnered with Chicagoland Singles to create this magical event for those of us "looking for love." Oh yes. Speed dating. But on a Ferris Wheel.

22 March 2017

eHarmony & Mr. Not Bad

Well, folks, when we last left our hero (that's me!), she was distracting herself with the holidays, entertaining her family and dealing with her disorganized older brother, shopping for gifts for everyone on her list, and whipping up a bowl of champagne punch for her inaugural Christmas party, what she hoped would become a new annual tradition.

She spent New Year's Eve alone with a bottle of wine, enough Italian take-out for 2 people, and an endless queue of NCIS on Netflix. She fell asleep by 10:30 P.M. She made a resolution this year to start treating herself like a lady. To start doing more of the things she loved, like going to the theatre, the museum, to nice restaurants, and to dress herself up to do it. What was the point of having pretty clothes that never got worn?

19 March 2017

Mr. Goodman & the Identity Crisis

Ladies & Gentleman, I have returned. So brace yourself for a tall dark glass of whine, and while you're at it may I recommend the Italian sheep's milk cheese to pair with it? Simply delicious.

Yes, I'm back, and no, nothing good can come from it.

"What happened? You stalled for months and then fell off the map altogether!"

Well, dear reader, the answer to your accusing question is multifaceted.